Oh So Happy

Wow I certainly didn’t expect this to happen and it is  just the best thing ever ever ever! As I said in the title of my blog post ‘oh so happy’. Why?

Well, I wrote in a previous blog about this year so far being quite a trying year, having got to day 15 of 2014 to find that I had become a ‘problem’ in my job.  It amazes me how people around you can be and how people turn out to be something that you don’t ever expect and I didn’t expect this to happen to me.  When I went back to work after having Poppy I did find it hard, coming from working in very corporate environments. The latter part of 2013, things then changed and I was moved into another role which if I look back on I didn’t really get any choice and I found it hard and very frustrating.  I tried to deal with it the best way possible but when your role is completely changed what can you do?

One of the things that upset me in the whole process of loosing my job was the fact that I thought I had made some genuine friends, of which they have turned out not to be so genuine afterall.  I will never understand why people feel they have to ‘stab’ you in the back, what do they get out of it?  I hope it made them feel better for doing it but one day their conscious will catch up with them.

I believe things do happen for reasons, had I not written that message on Facebook in reply to what David had put then I wouldn’t be married to him now and Poppy wouldn’t be here.  David and Poppy are my everything and I love my family with all my heart.  So when I lost my job again, redundancy seems to creep up on me, I felt like I had let them down as much as I had let myself down.  It is depressing looking for a job the amount of interviews I have had are in double figures and the amount of times I have sent my CV out certainly out weigh the number of interviews I have had.  Why is the process of a job interviews so long draw out, from the initial meeting, then the interview then even sometimes a 3rd stage of presentations and testing. It amazes me the processes that we go through.  I wonder how many hours I have spent looking into the businesses and putting my information together to give a good interview and then to be told sorry someone else was just that little bit better than you.  I have been confident with my interviews and I have enjoyed my interviews, some have been quite odd and I have wondered what was going on but some have been great and I have felt a real sense of achievement when coming out of the interview.  I do think that having this time to attend interviews had more than like built my confidence back up to make me think better of myself because it was coming down to a bit of low period again.

Well, with all this confidence that I seemed to have developed, this now leaded me to where I am now.  I am in the best place I could possibility be in and it is all down to me sending an email enquiring about a opportunity, which has now lead to me being offered of role to be working with one of the best wedding venue styling businesses in the UK.  I have found my niche, my opportunity, my perfect job and I’m going to be getting paid to do it.  Words can not explain how happy I am, and this is why I say I am ‘oh so happy’.

My new job will bring exciting opportunities for me and my family, and I can only thank my lucky stars I sent that email. Franchise Manager here I come!


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