Does My Blog Look Good in This?

Everyone shares content via social media but do you now if your content when shared looks good?  For us bloggers we want our shared content to look good in any social share so I have looked at some great ways of making sure we look good at all times.

It’s all about getting your website seen whether its a parent blogging website or a transaction website, and we do rely on our sites being shared by others as well as doing it yourself. In order to get the best out of shares, there are elements that need to be optimised to make the content look good for all social networks, which will also include search results.  If you use WordPress as your website platform it does have an almost unlimited amount of optional plugin available, but there are also a lot of websites that have to rely on adding rich snippets.

Google+ Profile

Setting up your Google authorship allows you to connect your online written content to your Google+ profile.  So for instance if you have written for other websites in the past or are writting for websites current, add them to your Google+ profile. This is a fantastic way of optimising your website for both search and social reasons.  It will display your name, profile picture from your Google+ account, so make sure its one you don’t mind being seen by everyone! And most importantly this information will be displayed next to any content that you have authored.  Mines below – the picture definitely needs to be changed!  And my page title length is too long that why its appearing truncated, best practise guidelines say that 70 characters is the standard length….I will be changing my title to

“A Place for Crazy Elegance | Live The Life You Love”

The new title being 51 characters so it won’t be truncated and should show the search engines an idea of what my blog is about.

google authorship.bmp

You can manually link your Google+ profile but if you are using WordPress you are able to use the website verification service which from your main dashboard can be found under Tools>Available Tools.

Wordpress Tools

WordPress does automatically update Google every time new fresh content is added to your website but search engines can take up to 6 weeks or more to crawl a new website. So if you haven’t already try registering your website via the verification process, as this can go towards helping to getting your website crawled alittle bit quicker, but remember that it is no guarantee that the website will be crawled.  Unfortunately we are in the hands of Google!

Another item that will also helps towards Google ranking is to be looking at including a sitemap within your website.  Again WordPress does automatically generate a sitemap and supports webmaster tools validation through meta tags.  If you need to be adding the website site map to for instance Google webmaster tools which I will talk about in another later posting, you can and your sitemap can be accessed at

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

This tools will allow you to check the structured markup that exists in a live environment or to test and see if it has been written correctly so that it can be read by Google and other search engines.  There are two ways in which you can test to see if your website is working correctly either by entering the URL of a page/website or the written HTML code.  Both ways will show the structure markup that can be found and a snap shot will be displayed of how it will look in a search result.

Structured Data Tool

Using the testing tool can be a great help to show how a piece of structure markup can be enhanced in a search listing and will also go to helping make the most of search results.  For any content it will help to show errors or corrections that can be made.  This tool is a highly recommended tool to use especially if you are just starting out.

Utilising the use of all the free tools available will give you great insights into your website traffic and get to understand how people are searching and landing at your website.  By looking at this data you will get to understand the visitors journey and to also see where you can make improvements for a better and more optimised website.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting various topics to do with making our websites work better for us. So, if you have’t done it already get adding your authorship to your Google+ profile and make sure your being recognised for content writing within the interweb!

google author

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