Oh So Happy

Wow I certainly didn’t expect this to happen and it is  just the best thing ever ever ever! As I said in the title of my blog post ‘oh so happy’. Why?

Well, I wrote in a previous blog about this year so far being quite a trying year, having got to day 15 of 2014 to find that I had become a ‘problem’ in my job.  It amazes me how people around you can be and how people turn out to be something that you don’t ever expect and I didn’t expect this to happen to me.  When I went back to work after having Poppy I did find it hard, coming from working in very corporate environments. The latter part of 2013, things then changed and I was moved into another role which if I look back on I didn’t really get any choice and I found it hard and very frustrating.  I tried to deal with it the best way possible but when your role is completely changed what can you do?

One of the things that upset me in the whole process of loosing my job was the fact that I thought I had made some genuine friends, of which they have turned out not to be so genuine afterall.  I will never understand why people feel they have to ‘stab’ you in the back, what do they get out of it?  I hope it made them feel better for doing it but one day their conscious will catch up with them.

I believe things do happen for reasons, had I not written that message on Facebook in reply to what David had put then I wouldn’t be married to him now and Poppy wouldn’t be here.  David and Poppy are my everything and I love my family with all my heart.  So when I lost my job again, redundancy seems to creep up on me, I felt like I had let them down as much as I had let myself down.  It is depressing looking for a job the amount of interviews I have had are in double figures and the amount of times I have sent my CV out certainly out weigh the number of interviews I have had.  Why is the process of a job interviews so long draw out, from the initial meeting, then the interview then even sometimes a 3rd stage of presentations and testing. It amazes me the processes that we go through.  I wonder how many hours I have spent looking into the businesses and putting my information together to give a good interview and then to be told sorry someone else was just that little bit better than you.  I have been confident with my interviews and I have enjoyed my interviews, some have been quite odd and I have wondered what was going on but some have been great and I have felt a real sense of achievement when coming out of the interview.  I do think that having this time to attend interviews had more than like built my confidence back up to make me think better of myself because it was coming down to a bit of low period again.

Well, with all this confidence that I seemed to have developed, this now leaded me to where I am now.  I am in the best place I could possibility be in and it is all down to me sending an email enquiring about a opportunity, which has now lead to me being offered of role to be working with one of the best wedding venue styling businesses in the UK.  I have found my niche, my opportunity, my perfect job and I’m going to be getting paid to do it.  Words can not explain how happy I am, and this is why I say I am ‘oh so happy’.

My new job will bring exciting opportunities for me and my family, and I can only thank my lucky stars I sent that email. Franchise Manager here I come!


Being Mrs Hickman

My wedding day was the 11th July 2013.  I am now Mrs Leanda Jayne Hickman, wife of David Lawrence Hickman and mummy to Poppy Jayne Hickman, our world our everything and our little family.

I never thought I would ever see or say that, let along write about it.  I always thought I would be Miss Leanda Massey, spinster, living with lots of cats and leaving all my worldly goods to charity when I died. How wrong was I eh! For some of my friends from sunny south wales they did find it funny in the beginning too … but for me it was a fantastic and warm lovely feeling to be in the ‘love thing’.

photoWhen David asked me to marry him it wasn’t some massive proposal with flowers and hearts, maybe it was our next step that we only presumed would happen.  We had Poppy in the November of 2010 nearly a year to the day of when we got together,  I’m sure if I remember rightly she was actually due on the day that we had got together too, all very spooky.  A lot of people told me that Poppy had found us….by that meaning, that we weren’t trying for a baby as I had been told many many moons ago that it would be difficult for me to conceive so you can imagine how surprised we both were turning to being very happy that I pregnant, then more shock, then being frightened to death, she was in my tummy and she had to come out …. OMG!

So the proposal, I was 8 weeks into mother hood, it was my 40th birthday and I was now engaged.  It was all change, change that was positive and good and fab and wonderful but again I didn’t ever expect this to have happened to me.

After having Poppy I was quite poorly, I had to be induced at 38weeks due to complications, which then led to other complications and it did take some time for me to get back on track again with a lot of things.  I am up and down and still dealing with PND, (I can finally say the word) I think I’m getting better and then I hit rock bottom again but I deal with it as best as I can.  Medication helps but my problem is that I don’t really open up to anyone and talk about how I am feeling. I am a closed book not giving anything away, Davey is always asking and says at times he just doesn’t know what to do with me. He isn’t being horrible to me it’s his way of trying to get to say what happening in my head. I hope that one day I will be able to talking about my feelings taking inspiration from a lady called Rosey. Rosey’s blog is a must read for pre and post sufferers, we do suffer in silence because there is a stigma surround the illness which is what it is and so we do become closed about it.  The more I read the more I think I need to start talking and get it sorted.  PND will not beat me either.  You can find Rosey’s blog here!  It’s not just Rosey I’m following about PND as since getting more involved in Twitter and reading other peoples blogs I think there are alot of us who do have similar stories at one time or another.  I want to be like you all and start to open up my world too!

So back to being Mrs Hickman.  Woo hoo engaged fantastic and I thought that’s where we were.  I didn’t really think about weddings for some time, we had Poppy to look after with her being new and we were getting into the routine of having a baba.  I enjoyed Poppy as much as a possibly could, I know that I spoil her and I still do, but she is going to be my one and only child.  She is my world and my best friend ever, apart from mukka of course.

Lots of things have happened to us as family since we became a family.  The trials and tribulations of an ex-wife on the scene, at times it can be ok but at times it can be horrendous and I do feel for Davey.  I wouldn’t mind but she seems to think its all me that is causing the problems but if you ever read this ex wife, can I just say I have not had anything to do with it, never had, never will.  I am not what you say about me far from it, but I just can’t be bothered to say anything to you.  Ok that bit is over!

Life is a strange thing though isn’t it.  Davey mentioned this morning that he wants to get his cards read.  I don’t know what he thinks about it but I know he isn’t sure about it.  Maybe I’ll just make the appointment for him and tell him he’s going.  He has no choice then does he.  Would be good to know what direction we are going to be going in too! But would she mention me or just talk about Davey?  I can’t remember how it all works as its been so long since I had my own cards read.  Maybe after Davey has gone I might do it then.

So far this year has been alittle trying for us too.  We had lots of plans and then I lost my job in the middle of January and since I have been looking and looking for my new job, which will be amazing!  I have got the interviews and then I get the next interview too but then securing the job …. it doesn’t happen, I get pipped at the post as they say.  I’m now waiting on a call back for a 2nd interview for the job I really want and fingers crossed I get it.  I have studied and been mentored for this role so I really have to do well.  You will certainly know if I get the job I will be over the moon.  That job is mine and I’m going to get it.

So once the new job comes along the we can continue with Mr & Mrs Hickman 2014.  We had so many plans for this year, holidays and trips away at weekends putting things together in the home and generally having a better time than we did last year or the year before.  It was going to be easier this year as money was settling down and Poppy is getting older and easier.  Now it all gone pear shaped and it is on hold, but I’m keeping positive that its not going to be for much longer.

I am Mrs Hickman to be continued …

Does My Blog Look Good in This?

Everyone shares content via social media but do you now if your content when shared looks good?  For us bloggers we want our shared content to look good in any social share so I have looked at some great ways of making sure we look good at all times.

It’s all about getting your website seen whether its a parent blogging website or a transaction website, and we do rely on our sites being shared by others as well as doing it yourself. In order to get the best out of shares, there are elements that need to be optimised to make the content look good for all social networks, which will also include search results.  If you use WordPress as your website platform it does have an almost unlimited amount of optional plugin available, but there are also a lot of websites that have to rely on adding rich snippets.

Google+ Profile

Setting up your Google authorship allows you to connect your online written content to your Google+ profile.  So for instance if you have written for other websites in the past or are writting for websites current, add them to your Google+ profile. This is a fantastic way of optimising your website for both search and social reasons.  It will display your name, profile picture from your Google+ account, so make sure its one you don’t mind being seen by everyone! And most importantly this information will be displayed next to any content that you have authored.  Mines below – the picture definitely needs to be changed!  And my page title length is too long that why its appearing truncated, best practise guidelines say that 70 characters is the standard length….I will be changing my title to

“A Place for Crazy Elegance | Live The Life You Love”

The new title being 51 characters so it won’t be truncated and should show the search engines an idea of what my blog is about.

google authorship.bmp

You can manually link your Google+ profile but if you are using WordPress you are able to use the website verification service which from your main dashboard can be found under Tools>Available Tools.

Wordpress Tools

WordPress does automatically update Google every time new fresh content is added to your website but search engines can take up to 6 weeks or more to crawl a new website. So if you haven’t already try registering your website via the verification process, as this can go towards helping to getting your website crawled alittle bit quicker, but remember that it is no guarantee that the website will be crawled.  Unfortunately we are in the hands of Google!

Another item that will also helps towards Google ranking is to be looking at including a sitemap within your website.  Again WordPress does automatically generate a sitemap and supports webmaster tools validation through meta tags.  If you need to be adding the website site map to for instance Google webmaster tools which I will talk about in another later posting, you can and your sitemap can be accessed at yourblogname.wordpress.com/sitemap.xml.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

This tools will allow you to check the structured markup that exists in a live environment or to test and see if it has been written correctly so that it can be read by Google and other search engines.  There are two ways in which you can test to see if your website is working correctly either by entering the URL of a page/website or the written HTML code.  Both ways will show the structure markup that can be found and a snap shot will be displayed of how it will look in a search result.

Structured Data Tool

Using the testing tool can be a great help to show how a piece of structure markup can be enhanced in a search listing and will also go to helping make the most of search results.  For any content it will help to show errors or corrections that can be made.  This tool is a highly recommended tool to use especially if you are just starting out.

Utilising the use of all the free tools available will give you great insights into your website traffic and get to understand how people are searching and landing at your website.  By looking at this data you will get to understand the visitors journey and to also see where you can make improvements for a better and more optimised website.

Over the coming weeks I will be posting various topics to do with making our websites work better for us. So, if you have’t done it already get adding your authorship to your Google+ profile and make sure your being recognised for content writing within the interweb!

google author